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The Benefits of Comprehensive Protection Plans (CPP)


Protect Your Car & Shield Your Wallet

A Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP) can help give you peace of mind when it comes to unforeseen costly mechanical breakdowns. Comprehensive Protection Plan coverage protects your vehicle throughout the United States and Canada, while shielding you from unforeseen costs. CPP coverage even provides 24-hour roadside assistance.

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Multiple Plans To Choose From

From Bronze to Platinum, different options will protect various parts of your vehicle including the engine, transmission, and more based upon which plan you choose. The Platinum Factory Wrap or Gold Factory Wrap offer additional protections that "wrap around" your factory warranty. The Platinum Coverage Plan provides all the coverage from Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Platinum Coverage Plan ALSO provides coverage for repair/replacement of ALL original equipment, factory installed mechanical and electrical operating parts and assemblies of your vehicle for Mechanical Breakdown, less an applicable deductible, EXCEPT for the parts and services listed under “General Contract Exclusions” in service contract.

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Coverage For Every Part
Platinum Coverage Protects Each Part Of Your Vehicle
All internal parts; manifolds; timing gears, chain or belt; flex plate; oil pump; water pump; fuel delivery pump; engine mounts; harmonic balancer; turbocharger housings & internal parts.
All internal parts; torque converter; transmission pan; transmission mounts; vacuum modulator. Plus shift linkage; electronic shift control module; sensors & switches; auxiliary cooler.
Air Conditioning
Compressor; clutch & pulley; condenser; evaporator; receiver-drier; refrigerant valves; accumulator; idler pulley & bearings; orifice tube.
Coverage For Every Part
Alternator; starter motor; starter solenoid; starter drive; power window motor; power seat motor; wiper motors; distributor; manually operated switches; and more.
(Front & Rear) Upper & lower control arms; control arm shafts & bushings; control arm linkage; ball joints; torsion bars & bushings; steering knuckles/spindles; stabilizer shaft linkage.
Gear housing, rak & pinion, internal steering rack seals, & all internal components power steering pump; steering column shafts, joints & couplings.

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